About the Writer

Stephanie Garrity (aka: JustSteph / sshenry/Stephanie Henry) has been working as a freelance writer, author and creative writing coach since 1991. Her articles, short stories, fan fiction and poetry have appeared in a wide variety of traditional and online publications and her published writing includes two works of full-length fiction An Apology for the Devil and King Christopher’s Quest.  You can follow the author’s blog of creative pieces and philosophical fragments by clicking on Mindscapes. Questions for the author? CONTACT US.


Published in 2007, King Christopher’s Quest is a wholly original story. Packed with kings and courtiers, magic and mayhem, love found and lost relations, the characters will become as real to you as your next door neighbor, though probably with a bit more fur.

For more information about KING CHRISTOPHER’S QUEST as well as purchasing information, click HERE.


What if everything you’d ever been told about history – about God – about the devil  – about reality – was wrong?

Published in 2003, An Apology for the Devil explores a world where God is not what he seems; Lucifer is more than he appears, and where a love that spans the ages holds the key to giving humanity the opportunity to wake up to its full potential.

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In some circles SSHenry is known as “The Queen of Emotion” for her well-received Harry Potter Fanfiction stories; stories she wrote to keep her daughters happy while waiting for the next installment of the Harry Potter books.

If you are curious as to how JK Rowling’s world imagined by SSHenry would have turned out, you can find her published fanfiction HERE or HERE